The Fundamental accessory

In-ear earphones are the perfect accessory for those who love listening to music wherever they are, thanks to their portability and comfort. These earphones adapt perfectly to the user's ear, creating a sort of acoustic isolation that allows you to fully enjoy the sound.

  • Music All Day

    Listen to music like you've never done before!

    Their shape makes the Ambie earphones extremely comfortable and stable in every situation, guaranteeing you unparalleled audio performance.

    The built-in battery ensures you can enjoy your favorite music, artist or genre, all day long!

    The new integrated 30mAh lithium battery lasts longer and recharges quickly.

  • The Magic Box

    The charging case protects and charges your TechHive™ Bluetooth earbuds.

    Just close them with a click and fill up with energy.

  • Choose your favorite color

    The TechHive™ ambie Bluetooth earbuds are available in both white and black.

    It's up to you to choose whether they are White for a more sporty and casual look or Black for a more refined and sober look!

    TechHive™ Bluetooth earphones-ambie are IPX5 certified, thus guaranteeing good resistance to splashes, rain or sweat during any type of activity you will face.